We support change-makers and visionaries to pursue their ambitions by supporting them by bridging the gap between the Indo-European Entrepreneurial Ecosystems


You dream We help you Create - our plug and play model enables our entrepreneurial teams to focus on their idea and business aspirations.

We provide our community with incubation programs, hackathons, and sustainable workshops through webinars, startup keynote speeches, interviews, collaboration, and challenges



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To build an Indian-European entrepreneurial ecosystem by bringing innovative business ideas closer to reality


- We are passionate about sustainable enablement of individuals to achieve their full potential

- Our relationships are based on integrity, trust, and compassion


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To be a launchpad for startups in their country of origin and a landing ground for expansion in another country


DareToStart is an empowerment network and program developer with a global social impact that aims to bridge the gap between Europe and India, in order to support entrepreneurial emergence and innovation.

DareToStart is driven by the passion to help people with innovative ideas but do not know where to start their entrepreneurial journey.

Dr.Jagadeesh Gandla, PhD

CEO and Co-Founder, DareToStart.org

Ex-Accelerator Program Manager @ EIT Health (European Union)


Founder,  Indian Empowerment Network, Munich 


Career Coach, helped hundreds of students and professionals


Built Mentoring and Coaching with 450 mentors

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 Dr.Manoj Nimbalkar, PhD 

MD, Head Coach and Co-Founder, DareToStart.org

Mentoring and Coaching Network @ EIT Health (European Union), Campus founders, and UnternehmerTUM, Munich, Germany


Business Coach at EIT Food, Munich


14 years of experienced industry and academy 


Serial Entrepreneur

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